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Thousands of requests to suspend controversial rate hikes. The increase effects rooftop solar customers. The group Alliance for solar choice says customers will start seeing their service charges climb to $17.90 a month and people are upset because it was much lower just a few days ago. The new rate hike took effect on January first before the new year. Solar energy customers were only paying $12.75 a month. Yesterday thousands of people made their voices heard in a special meeting asking the public utilities commission to reverse its decision to increase costs for residential Solar panel users, a move that has now angered thousands of customers who’d invested in Solar, and prompted layoffs in what was a growing industry and the accusations are mounting… from local residents and Solar advocates like actor Mark Ruffalo.  Alliance for solar Choice: it has been very clear what has gone on. The governors two top energy advisors are Nevada energy lobbyists. That’s a fact that has never been denied. 

“It’s a shame that you are on that screen and not in the building because outside you should really feel the energy here, there’s a thousand people out here. You have a lot of angry people out there because they see what’s happening. they know it’s a game, it’s a rigged game and you’re not working for the public, you’re working for the utility.” —Mark Ruffalo

Commissioners said they sympathized with the laid- off workers, but they also suggested solar companies were partly to blame for selling panels to thousands in recent months while apparently not warning people they could see big changes in their bill in the new year. The rates aim to correct a cost-shift that has traditional energy customers subsidizing about 17,000 solar customers. How big of an impact does this decision have on the community? Aside from the lay-off’s at these local Solar companies, the people at Solar city, one of those Solar companies say the new rate hikes won’t only effect families, but potentially businesses, schools, and public agencies and the hike could impact their overall budgets. A lot of people are weighing in on social media and are very upset over the decision to increase the rate.