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The Issue


Monopoly utilities want to extinguish the independent rooftop solar market in America to protect their socialist control of how we get our electricity. They have engaged in class warfare and tried to sabotage net metering, a billing method that gives individual homeowners fair credit for power produced on their own rooftops. They would like to deny us Americans energy choice and maintain their monopoly status.


Why did TUSK form?
TUSK formed to create a united front through which we can tell utilities that solar is right for conservatives and right for America. We want energy choice and independence, and solar provides that. The utilities are trying to hold onto their monopoly and continue to make you buy centralized power. Solar is the American way and the conservative way, and we’re here to protect that.

What states is TUSK active in?
TUSK started in 2013 to tell APS that solar won’t be killed in Arizona. Now we are active across the country – view the TUSK USA map here – view the TUSK USA map here. Check out each state’s page for more information on what we’ve done in each location.

Why are the utilities trying to eliminate solar?
Utilities think that solar and net metering, the fair policy that allows solar customers to be credited at full retail value, is a threat to their monopoly business model. They want to prevent customers from having choice and force them to keep buying dirty, expensive power.

What has TUSK done to preserve solar?
TUSK works to emphasize your voice and show state regulators and legislators that solar matters to the people. Do you want to get involved? Check out each of the states’ pages or sign up on our mailing list.