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Preserve Solar Choice

california-rooftop-solar-rebatesXcel Energy​ wants to ​ roll back a critical solar policy called net metering so they can stomp out the competitive rooftop solar market. Net metering gives solar customers full retail rate credit for the valuable surplus energy they provide to the grid. Xcel turns around and sells this energy at the full retail rate, even though they paid nothing to generate it. The monopolist utility is essentially asking regulators for permission to confiscate the extra power rooftop solar customers generate, and then sell it for a tidy profit to the customers’ neighbors. The request itself is the very definition of arrogance.

Let’s hope regulators see this request for what it is: an attempt to destroy an emerging free market in electricity generation to protect an entrenched monopoly.​ Colorado needs to keep net metering in place to prevent a monopoly power grab. Click here to stay involved. 

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