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Monopoly Utilities are Threatening Energy Freedom
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Louisiana utilities have an extremely low cap on the amount of rooftop solar that can be installed. Your voice is needed to raise that cap to ensure that rooftop solar and energy security are preserved.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is expected to vote on the issue next month, so it is urgent that you make your voice heard today.

Tell the PSC that you want full retail net metering which is working for Louisiana. Net metering provides fair accounting for excess solar energy delivered to the grid, and is the only rooftop solar policy that means no new taxes. Net metering is critical to making rooftop solar available in 44 states, including Louisiana.

Eliminating net metering will ruin private investment in self-generation, economic development, jobs and energy security.

Do not let monopoly utilities take away your rights. Defend your energy freedom and security.Take action today.

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