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Utilities are attacking free market solar policy in Michigan to protect their monopolies and their profits at the expense of consumers. Take action now!

Monopoly utilities want to end retail net metering in Michigan to protect their profits at the expense of free market energy industry expansion in the state.


Retail net metering preserves consumer choice and industry competition in the energy market. It is the free market rooftop solar policy in place in 44 states. Under retail net metering, homeowners use the power they generate on their own rooftops. Consumers are fairly credited for excess power they deliver to the grid. The utility then sells this power to the nearest demand.

Instead, utilities are pushing a disastrous alternative to consumers, forcing solar customers to buy back their own electricity at a higher price. This attempt to eliminate Michigan’s retail net metering policy is nothing more than a profit grab, from homeowners who choose ways of producing their own power to utilities’ coffers. If attacks on net metering succeed, Michigan will miss out on competitive energy choices and local job growth at the hands of hardened utility greed.

Don’t tax the sun! SB437 and SB438 levy discriminatory charges on solar customers.

Under recent utility-backed proposals, solar customers would face discriminatory fees, paving the way for a sun tax on homeowners, churches, schools and small businesses who choose solar.

Let’s hope Michigan legislators see this push for monopoly protection for what it is: an attempt to destroy an emerging free market in electricity generation in order to protect the status quo of rising electricity costs without consumer options. Utility attacks on rooftop solar in Michigan are an affront to solar choice, property rights and a green light for excessive taxation. 

Take action and contact your state representatives.

Listen to this message from former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.

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