T.U.S.K. New Hampshire

New Hampshire Must Stand up to Monopoly Utilities Attempts’ to Cap Solar. Take action now!

Don’t Block the Sun!

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Last year, New Hampshire citizens made their demand for energy choice clear by defeating utility attempts to stifle competition and tax rooftop solar out of existence. Now solar is beginning to take off in the Granite State. Solar creates hundreds of good local jobs and gives us the freedom to choose to produce our own homegrown, affordable, clean energy.

So many have gone solar recently that the state is about to hit an arbitrary cap on solar energy in the state. This cap is a roadblock to growth and blocks citizens’ right to go solar. Monopoly utilities like Eversource, Liberty and Unitil want these arbitrary caps on solar to protect their profits, stifle the growth of a competitive solar industry and force local, private companies out of business.

This solar cap is an obstruction to industry growth and energy choice, and we must remove this cap before New Hampshire loses jobs and economic opportunity. New Hampshire will not stand for utility-backed attempts to block the sun!

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