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Trust the Folks who Dumped Coal Ash on You

Coal-Ash-River-by-Waterkeeper-Alliance-Inc.-e1394631932756Duke Energy has spoken out publicly against net metering and rooftop solar. Duke CEO Lynn Good has even met personally with local reporters and attacked net metering to defend Duke’s monopoly. At the same time, Duke committed one of the worst environmental disasters in modern history with a coal ash spill that dumped tens of thousands of tons of coal ash sludge into the state’s Dan river. In the aftermath of the spill, Duke faces criminal investigations for manipulating utility regulators . These investigation have illuminated a concerningly-cozy relationship between Duke and its regulators (DENR and the NCUC). What’s more, ratepayers may end up having to foot the bill for coal ash clean-up. Sign up here to receive updates on how you can stay involved to fight Duke’s toxic monopoly.

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