T.U.S.K. West Virginia

Utilities want to end free market solar policy, net metering, to protect their monopolies at the expense of West Virginia’s energy future.

Your voice has been heard in the fight against HB2201. We thank you for your persistence in speaking out despite repeated utility attempts to monopolize the sun in West Virginia. Please stay connected to TUSK. We look forward to West Virginia’s bright solar future with such vigilance against utility attacks on energy choice.

solar-installationMonopoly utilities want to kill net metering in West Virginia to protect their profits at the expense of free market energy industry expansion.

Nationwide growth in the solar industry has led to thousands of jobs in states that protect consumer ability to power homes with rooftop solar. A recent report by the Solar Foundation found that 1 out of every 78 jobs created in the U.S. last year was in solar. With about 500 homes already making the choice to install solar systems in West Virginia, the state is poised to welcome such free market industry growth. Instead, utilities are deceiving legislators to protect their profits over the interests of West Virginians. It is nothing more than a profit grab, from homeowners who choose ways of producing their own power to utilities’ coffers. If attacks on net metering succeed, West Virginia will miss out on a bright future, including local job growth, at the hands of hardened utility greed.

Let’s hope legislators and the Public Service Commission see this act of sabotage for what it is: an attempt to destroy an emerging free market in electricity generation in order to protect an entrenched monopoly. It is an affront to property rights and a green light for excessive taxation. West Virginia needs to stay vigilant against utility attacks to prevent a monopoly power grab and protect energy choice.

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